1. Is Project Rachel or Project Joseph a program for only Catholics?

No. People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to participate. No one will be coerced into changing their beliefs; religion is not the focus, healing the wounds caused by abortion are.

2. Will I be forced to speak or tell my story in front of others?

No, you will not be forced to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. The program encourages participants to share, but this is not an obligation. Project Rachel/Project Joseph is a safe haven and allows women and men to experience the healing process at their own pace.

3. What different healing programs do you offer?

We offer one-day and weekend retreats, as well as small groups, or one-on-one mentoring with a lay-trained counselor. We also have an online study that can be started independently. When you have completed the first two lessons, you can contact us for the following ones. We can provide referrals to professional counselors if requested and can also make referrals to a priest for the sacrament of reconciliation. Each person can choose the best approach for her/his needs.

4. Why don’t you provide access to all the lessons online?

The healing process can bring up strong emotions that have lied dormant for a long time.  It takes time to sort these out and work through them.  We don’t want to overwhelm you with too much too soon. Taking each lesson one by one allows you to process your emotions at a slower pace, in order to incorporate the suggestions into your daily life. The liklihood of you completing the series if you receive them all at once is greatly reduced as well, and our desire is for your success.

Ideally, having someone to talk to about issues that come up makes this process much easier. We are happy to communicate with you via email, text or phone if you have any questions that come up.  We don’t believe anyone should have to go through this alone.  You’ve suffered for so long already. We don’t want you to suffer alone any longer. However, we respect your choice to do this alone if that is what you prefer.  There will be no pressure on our part.  This is your journey and your decision.  We respect that.

5. Will my name and privacy be kept confidential?

Yes. Project Rachel/Project Joseph respects the confidentiality of its participants and will respect your utmost privacy in all matters related to whichever program you decide to utilize. Confidentiality is a key part of the program.

6. Are women and men really helped from the program?

Yes. Project Rachel/Project Joseph does help tremendously. Countless participants have experienced healing and forgiveness in ways they never thought possible. You are encouraged to read the testimonial section on this website which shares the positive experiences people have encountered when participating in one of our programs.

7. How much does the program cost?

The program and ministry is absolutely free of charge to participants.