Fear – Before & After Abortion

Fear is the greatest factor causing a woman to choose abortion.  It is also the greatest factor in keeping her from seeking help to deal with the emotional aftermath.

Decisions made in fear can lead to a lifetime of regret.

When a woman discovers she’s pregnant and wasn’t planning on it, fear often grips her mind, body and soul.  It becomes all-consuming. Unfortunately, it  creates a prison, keeping her frozen and locked up. She may find herself alone and worse, she may not feel like she has anyone to turn to or talk with.  She likely sees no clear way out.  There is pressure to make a decision quickly.   Unfortunately, fear makes people choose things they never would have chosen otherwise.  Under stress, thinking is not clear.  Sadly fear doesn’t leave when the abortion is over.  It continues to haunt it’s victims.

Fear is not a friend.  It controls every aspect of our lives.

After an abortion, fear becomes a thief, stealing any joy, hope, wonder and peace that may come our way.  What if someone finds out? Spontaneity is a distant memory.  Women are robbed of the simplest pleasures that life gives. They don’t feel they deserve them anyway, because of what they did.  Unfortunately, women continue to punish themselves long after the event that changed their lives. They become their own worst enemy.

Fear leads to unhealthy behaviors.

Fear due to an abortion causes people to run, to hide, to be careless and make poor decisions, and to self-medicate so they don’t have to feel.  They constantly hide their true self and their secret, for fear that others will reject them.  Alcohol and drugs become a good way to numb those feelings of grief and regret, which can lead to addiction.  Self-respect is gone so using others or allowing oneself to be used becomes a way of life for some.  These behaviors lead to an out-of-control life filled with pain and suffering.  Fear keeps people constantly looking for ways to keep the volcano of emotion from blowing up.  It takes a lot of energy and gets very tiring.

Living in fear doesn’t have to be a way of life.

Once a person honors those truly valid feelings deep within, whatever they may be, fear loses its grip.  Talking to a trusted individual who will keep things confidential and won’t judge you is the first step towards freedom. At Project Rachel we can provide that safety.

What do you have to lose?  Fear itself!

Reach out today to find out how to escape from that jail cell that fear has kept you locked in for so long.

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