Our healing program consists of ten sessions with a lay-trained counselor.

We will go at your pace and take as much time as you need.  This program is the beginning of a healing process that will help you journey forward in your life with more freedom.  Materials and sessions are free of charge. To learn more about our mentoring program, contact us today.


New Program!

Is sexual trauma a part of your abortion story?  It is not uncommon.  If it is, it is often doubly hard to seek help or to heal from an abortion experience.  It can also block healing for the abortion.  Sometimes the trauma needs to be addressed first.  Sometimes it is addressed after going through the abortion healing program.  You can choose what you think is best for you.  Our nine-week program will address the sexual trauma, to help you on that road to healing.  This is a one-on-one service and is completely confidential.

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Feedback from Former Attendees:

What helped me most: “The handouts that were given, in addition to the book were very helpful. There were some really powerful thoughts that allowed me to think of my abortion in a different way.”

Self-help healing strategies that I learned: “Trying to renew my mind. Changing my perspective on certain things. Being positive and turning to scripture/literature for more help. Learning to be proactive and have a list of “go to” things that help me when I’m feeling down.”

Would you recommend this program to a post-abortive friend? “Yes. The one-on-one sessions are great. They always left me feeling like I had made a lot of progress.”


All services are provided by trained lay counselors.  They are not licensed professional counselors.  We can refer to professional counselors at your request.  Professional counselors do charge a fee.